Kendriya Vidyala Chennerkara observed Green day on 03 April 2018.  The Green day was observed as part of the “Save Tree Program” of Kendriya Vidyaalaya Sangathan. A book donation Program was held in the Vidyalaya in connection with the Green day celebrations. The programme envisaged to make the students aware of the need for preserving trees. Each text book they throw away cost the existence of trees as paper is made from wood. Students of class II to XII participated in this program by donating their previous academic year’s text books to the students of their junior classes. School Principal Shri. Govind Dubey inaugurated the Programme. He appreciated the students who came forward to gift their books and urged more and more students to come forward in the next academic year to become part of this “Save Tree Programme” by donating their books.

Principal Shri. Govind Dubey inaugurating the Programme.

Kumari Riya Jibu of class VIII A gives a brief talk on 
Green Day and the importance of Book Donation 


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